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Adamant Systems offers industry-leading third-party AR/VR maintenance services in the US. Our objective is to deliver world-class service quality, affordable alternatives to the expensive OEM support contracts, and ensure the extended lifespan of your AR/VR hardware at a much lower cost.


AR/VR is becoming more and more popular in today’s world. Among glasses and controllers, there is a wide range of other related equipment today in wide use and requires repairs constantly. 

Oculus, HTC Vive, Pico, Bhaptics, Valve, Ultraleap, Pimax, and Magic Leap are widely considered to be some of the most attractive and user-friendly VR solutions on the market. At Adamant Systems, we offer repair services that cover almost every AR/VR platform on the market, including VR “backpacks,” servers, network communication equipment, and many more. 

Our technicians are trained to expertly perform nearly any AR/VR solution repair. 

High-quality AR/VR equipment repair

One Partner Across OEMs, Across the World

With multi-vendor hardware support, you can simplify IT maintenance by reducing the number of partners you need.

Extend the Life of Hardware

End of Service Life (EOSL) support keeps your investments up and running longer, maximizing ROI and freeing money for other initiatives.

Fix Guarantee period

Adamant Systems provides a 30-day fix guarantee period.

30-40% Less than the OEM

Adamant Systems combines the confidence that comes from the industry leader supporting US customers and SLAs similar to the OEM with significant cost savings.

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